Jul. 16th, 2012

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Donation Incentives List.

Over winter break (that means this coming January 2013), my college sends a team of senior nursing students (that’s me!) on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to provide medical aid to families in impoverished areas.

To prepare for our trip, we need to bring supplies! LOTS AND LOTS OF SUPPLIES. Last year, we treated 500 people every day, and to each family that visited us, we gave a small “health pack” of supplies—a large ziplock bag with soap, washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste. On top of that, we need to bring our own medications to treat our patients: run-of-the-mill stuff like aspirin, tylenol, etc.

It’s honestly more than the few of us could gather working alone—so, dear reader, I’m asking for your help! Could you please help by donating?

There are three ways to donate: you can mail me supplies directly, you can mail me gift cards which I will then use to purchase supplies, or you can donate money directly. For more information, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

There are also donation incentives being offered, somewhat similar to a fandom auction. To see a list of incentives, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

(The image header consists of an image from our college's trip last year :D)


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